Consortium and Training Events

 SyMBioSys final symposium9 September 2018, Athens, Library NCSR Democritus Athens.   

SyMBioSys webinar on Networks Visualisation, speaker Paulo Maia:
SyMBioSys webinar on Bayesian Parameter Estimations , speaker: Costas Pantelides
SyMBioSys webinar on Cell Signalling, speakers: Julio Saez-Rodriguez, Aurelien Dugourd and Enio Gjerga.
SyMBioSys webinar on Global Sensitivity Analysis, speaker: Sergei Kucherenko.
SyMBioSys seminar by Dr. Alex Kyparissides on “Parameters in Mathematical models and how to treat them: Estimation, Uncertainty and Sensitivity(27 September, 10am, Imperial College London, Chemical Engineering department, RODH C615)

Network Events:

These are Network-wide events. If you’d like to meet our consortium in these dates, please liaise with the project manager.
Kick-Off Meeting: London, 14 September 2015
Training School A: London, 27 June – 3 July 2016
First Network meeting: London, 4 July 2016
Training School B: Vigo, 26-30 September 2016
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Training School C: Berlin, 19-23 February 2017
Second Network Meeting: 24 February 2017 
Mid-Term Review Meeting: London, 28 September 2017
Training School D: Lausanne, 13-17 November 2017
Training School E: Athens, 7-8 September 2018