ESR 13: Jose Ferreira Morais


Contact: Email, LinkedIn, ResearchGate
Project Title: An in silico-in vitro approach to leukaemia
Objectives: (i) Mathematical Modelling of Myelodysplastic Syndrome; (ii) Towards a better understanding of the pathophysiology and disease progression mechanisms; (iii) Enhance current diagnostics’ predictive capabilities, either by in silico model outputs or biomarker detection.
Host Organisation: Imperial College London
Supervisor: Prof. Athanasios Mantalaris, Dr. Nicki Panoskaltsis

Ilharco LM, Garcia AR, Lopes LMF, Júlio MF, Morais JCF: “Espectroscopia: Para além do que os nossos olhos veem” (2015) INGENIUM 147:42 (In Portuguese)

Morais JCF: “Miniaturization of a three dimensional (3D) hollow fibre bioreactor for the culture of human haematopoietic cells” (2016). Master Thesis in Biological Engineering by Instituto Superior Técnico.