ESR 11: Sara Barbosa


Contact: Email, LinkedIn, ResearchGate
Project Title: Application of a new algorithm for the inference of gene regulatory networks from time series transcript data
Objectives: (i) Extended Method for Transcriptional Network Inference; (ii) Improved Gene Network Inference Algorithm and Workflow; (iii) Application of novel algorithms to E.coli data
Host Organisation: INSILICO
Supervisors: Klaus Mauch & Prof. Dr. Ralf TakorsUniversity of Stuttgart, Institute of Biochemical Engineering.

Sara Barbosa, Jaime B. Santos, Mário Santos, José Silvestre Silva, Alexandra André, ”Skin Characterization by Ultrasound Techniques”, 8th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, Lisbon, Portugal

Sara Barbosa, José Silvestre Silva, Jaime B. Santos, Mário Santos, Alexandra André, “Caracterização de Patologias da Pele por Ultrassons”, 19th Portuguese Conference on Pattern Recognition, RECPAD 2013, Lisbon, Portugal Sara Barbosa, Gabriel Pires, Urbano Nunes, “Towards a reliable gaze independent hybrid BCI combining visual and natural auditory stimuli”, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 261:47-61, Elsevier, 2016

Sebastian Wolf, Sara Barbosa, Joachim Bucher, Ralf Takors, “Automatic network generation describes differential gene data in user friendly and expeditiously analyzable network views”, 2(1):1-14, Biomedical Genetics and Genomics, 2017